So finally, after very long awaiting, we're live now!

We (Vishal Telangre, and Dipak Telangre) -- both worked very hard to release 2 Zero Zero this time, as we both are very busy nowadays. We worked late-nights -- everyday, since January of this year!

As you can see now, we've added lot of data that of we had last year. We also changed the whole look of the application, and is very robust and fast than ever.

It's been so late, hence we were in hurry to release it as soon as possible, so we did it, yet we have so many things pending!

Anyway, we hope that you folks would appreciate our efforts. Meantime, we'll try to silently integrate the remained things (and modules that are not live right now) in the current application without downtime.

Also, we'll add a temporary feedback page somewhere in few days, so as you can notify us the bugs, issues, unexpected errors you might be facing while accessing this application. We know that there are so many bugs remained to resolve yet. But we're just two zeros (Vishal & Dipak) to fix those bugs, please don't mind to report if you persist any problem. Email us here: contact at 2zerozero dot com

Have best wishes, enjoy your time!